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AgriTech - Ideathon

10 Exceptional challenges related to AgriTech

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Agri-Tech Ideathon

It is a technical competition which is firmly based on the agricultural challenges, issues faced by Agri Industry and Progressive Farmers. Its main aim is to solve the current agricultural problems through technologies and bring forward all the enthusiastic start-ups, entrepreneurs, Researchers and students to come forward and show up their technical potential. This is an ideation competition that comes forward to just getting the unique/innovative ideas of the problems, not the complete prototype unlike, Hackathons

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TECHBHARAT 3.0 is an Hybird event, happening between November 2021 & May 2022. It is a platform for Technology entrepreneurs, Startups, MSMEs, Progressive farmers and Students.


Benefits to Ideathon Registrants

Stay Access to all events of TechBharat 3.0

Create Position to get funded

Expect to be mentored by domain experts & industry specialists

Access to co-creators / business incubators globally

Opportunity to pitch your unique/innovative Idea to Investor community

Cash Prize of INR One lakh for each qualified Idea

Business meetings with startups and its ecosystem.

Collaborations with universities and researchers worldwide


What more? If you have a creative mindset. start your research, ideate appropriately, validate for adoption with inputs from your mentor and present your keys to innovate and incubate further with the support of TechBharat 3.o

C1 : To design and develop a predictive analytical model which can analyze large sets of existing data to accurately predict the future demand of agricultural products in a warehouse and hence to avert out-of-stock situations as well as overstocking thus achieving Inventory Optimization.

Challenge Description
A warehouse management system (WMS) is software and processes that allow organizations to control and administer warehouse operations from the time goods or materials enter a warehouse until they move out. Predictive analytics can help companies optimize existing processes, better understand customer behavior, identify unexpected opportunities, and anticipate problems before they happen. Through building or creating a predictive model for inventory/Data warehouse the model is able to predict demand for goods based on past customer purchase or seasonal requirements. Demand Forecasting: It plays a critical role in inventory management. If you can accurately predict the future demand of products in your warehouse, you can ensure you hold the correct stock to maximize sales potential and profit. Inventory Optimization: Simply, inventory optimization is a way of ensuring the right supply of inventory to meet your target service levels, while tying up a minimum amount of capital. The proposed solution will help to avert out-of-stock situations as well as overstocking by forecasting future demand for stock.

Challenge Description
A device to detect soil micro and macro nutrients available to plants. Device should be able to provide instant results which will replace the cumbersome process available currently.

Challenge Description
A solution to solve the existing problems of farmers. This solution should make sure that larger part of consumers rupee will reach the farmer. A model can be developed to link famers with consumers directly to avoid middlemen.

Challenge Description
Farmers are facing problems due to fluctuation in prices, excess production and other issues. Price forecasting can be a solution for this. A price forecasting model can be developed and also the information should be reached to all the farmers region wise. This model should be able to help farmers to select the crop season wise and reduce the risk of loss.

Challenge Description
Left out straw of paddy, wheat and sugarcane has become a biggest challenge to manage now a days. Farmers are burning the farm waste which is adding to the air pollution. An alternative solution can be identified to solve this issue where alternative waste management techniques/ product development out of farm waste or any other solutions can be identified

Challenge Description
Coffee harvesting in India is predominantly done manually by women laborers leading to severe shoulder and wrist pain which causes multiple health problems as well as drop in labour availability in peak harvest seasons. These health problems have brought about a shift in the working of the women labour making them less efficient. The manual harvesting also causes a drop in the quality of the output as selective harvesting of beans is tedious resulting in a mix of fully ripened and unripened coffee beans harvested in both Arabica and Robusta varieties of the crop resulting in poor drinking quality of the seeds. A device can be developed to harvest the selected coffee beans which will reduce the risk and pain that is causing to the labours now.

Challenge Description
It has become a daily news that fuel energy sources are deteriorating day by day. This challenge is to identify the alternate energy sources using waste food products like waste fruits, vegetables and biomass. And biodiesel using non edible oil etc.,

Challenge Description
Hygienic and user friendly harvesting equipments, small equipments for sorting, grading and packing farm produce which will be useful for Micro, small and medium farmers.

Challenge Description
As we have read in news and other sources that milk and oil are adulterated by adding urea, water and different adulterants. Adding such adulterant will not only reduce the quality of milk but some adulterants may also lead to health issues. In order to overcome this, it is always good to test the quality of milk and oil at the source itself. A technology can be developed to detect the adulteration instantly or within few minutes. So that adulterated milk and oil can be avoided at the source itself

Challenge Description
An alternative solution to minimize the pest and loss to farmers due to excess use of pesticides and also to the environment as more and more chemicals are added to the environment. This solution can be minimized through the use of eco friendly pesticides/ insecticides suing naturally available resources.

Awards & Rewards

Get a chance to win a prize of: Rs. 1,00,000/- for each Unique and Innovative Idea and e-certificates for all participants.


1-3 participants per team are allowed
Participants have to submit their ideas via a PowerPoint presentation of a maximum of 10 slides
Any design or prototype (if possible) is also welcomed along with the presentation, this will not have any additional benefit
Cross teams are allowed

Judging Criteria

Clarity 15%
Cost-Profit Analysis 20%
Technical Know-How 20%
Product Feasibility 20%
Product Innovation 20%
References 5%
Plagiarism more than 10% will invite negative marking

Guidelines for PPT

Your PPT should preferably contain the following slides:
Cover Slide
Description of the Idea
Technology Stack
Cost-Profit Analysis
Estimated Showstoppers
Innovation (how your product is different from the crowd?)
There will be shortlisting of candidates if the no. of participants outreaches to maximum
In case of any technical difficulty, directly send the PPT by attachment to the organizer's email id


Frequently Asked Question

I. Visit or

II. At the Home Page, “Registration”

III.Fill in the Registration form carefully. Please note that forms with incorrect or fake information will lead to automatic disqualification of the idea.

IV.Upon completing the form, click the register button to submit and, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don’t receive this email, please contact administrator

2. Are our ideas safe with you?

I.Yes, your business Ideas are safe with us. All the information collected is regarded as highly classified and is used solely for official purposes.

II.We neither sell your information to third parties nor implement your ideas.

3. Do you own our ideas after the competition?

I.We DO NOT own your Business Ideas after the IDEAthon.

II.Our primary goal is to support viable ideas that create unique, products, services and methods, ultimately enhancing the lives of local communities, and contributing to economic growth.

4. What is your intellectual Property Rights Policy?

I.Intellectual property is an important part of business that every Entrepreneur needs to know about.

II.We are fully registered and compliant legal entity with MSME, and as much as we make considerable effort to protect your idea, it is the owner of the idea’s sole responsibility to take extra measures.

5. What support do you give businesses?

I.Networking Opportunities


III.Access to Funding and Investment

IV.Marketing of Products and Services

V.Co-Working Spaces

VI.Venture Building or Business Development Services

VII.Legal Advisory and Support

6. What are the benefits for an entrepreneur to be part of the IDEAthon process?

I.Incubation is a great way to improve on innovation skills and entrepreneurship mindset. The entrepreneur gets to lead the project during incubation, receives training, is exposed to innovation partners, and shares experience with other entrepreneurs.

II.Post incubation, the entrepreneur keeps leading the business, either internally or as part of the management team of the new venture in the case of spin-off. At each stage of the incubation program, rewards are associated to key milestones. In the case where a new venture is created, equity is given to the management team. The idea is that the business is controlled by the entrepreneurs, for them to be fully empowered and incentivized.

7.What do I do if I have a great idea but do not want to lead the idea to a venture?

If you have a great idea, but do not want to risk working on the idea, you can still share the preliminary details of the idea with the incubation team or identify a person who could execute on your behalf.

8. Who is eligible for the Mentorship phase?

Entrepreneurs whose ideas are successful and are forwarded to the incubation level.

9. How do I interact with the mentors?

Once you are selected, you can interact with your mentors in participation space